29 September, 2010

Wednesday - busy day with Tas

It really was a challenging day today. I was grateful as always when Mum came round in the afternoon and she managed to stay quite a while, til about 4pm. Angie again slept very early, from 9.15am and Tassie, again, wouldn't nap during her 'quiet' time in her room. So it was a very long day, where again I seemed to not have a break, and Ian wasn't home until 7pm ish. On the bright side, I can pull out my dear friend, my camera, and that always makes me feel better, helping me to see the beauty before me. There was one lovely moment when Tassie posed for the camera when she was meant to be doing her toilet routine. She uses every delay tactic in the book, and it can be very frustrating. Up to half an hour later, often, til we're back where we were. The other good part is I realised how badly I needed to bring the evening routine forward, getting our dinner ready at 4pm for the children to eat at 4.15 or 4.30 to be in bed by 6pm. That part is working well, and I plan to continue.

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Wendy said...

Thank goodness for Mum's. I love the idea of using the camera to see the beauty before you. I'm reappreciating having a single bed to myself where I can toss and turn (which I'm doing a lot at the moment and not worry about waking up B.


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