22 September, 2010

tuesday - one sweet little boy

I'm so enjoying flowers at the moment, as it's supposed to be Spring. Oh well, there was a few minutes of sun today. Tassie went to daycare today, thankfully, and I spent a lot of the day playing with blogger and making my photos appear larger on the screen. Angie had a smile for me when I brought out the camera. He's definitely becoming more smiley and a little more communicative. When I talked about cleaning up the 'muck' from his face after lunch, he repeated the "ck" sound. Ck, ck, ck. Too cute!

So grateful today for lots of things done:
1. Updating my blogs
2. Making an appointment for Angie with the speech pathologist in November
3. Returning chocolate fundraising money to childcare, lost piece to the toy library, buying more computer ink cartridges and milk for Ian and all done on foot. That's right, walking, something I don't do often.
4. Deciding to have a mini holiday this weekend and booking it. Hooray!
3. Going for a drive to buy more nappies to the chemist next to my fave scrap shop and buying Glimmer Mist. At last, hooray!!!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Very glad to hear Angus is becoming more communicative and smiley - maybe having big sister away is encouraging him to talk. Such a sweet little fellow. Well done on your walking - I'm really having to push it to keep up with B in the morning as he walks so fast even though he slows down for me. The flowers are lovely. I have Iris coming out in my garden - love Iris.


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