31 August, 2010


Angie in his little hood - he pulled it up himself. And the children's artworks up on display in the kitchen.


We had some much much needed winter sun for most of the day. While Angie napped, I took Tassie outside for a play. She loved every minute.


Angus is such a cuddly little baby. He'd just finished his bottle of milk and was about to go for his nap. The naps are even earlier now, about 10.30am.

Gandy stayed after dinner to help with Tasmin in the bath. Tassie loves bubbles.

30 August, 2010

Saturday - angie's first painting

Angie kept zooming past to see what Tassie was up to. It seemed he wanted a turn. So, I put him in his high chair and gave him a paint brush and with a bit of help, he created some colourful paintings.

I took Tassie out for a while after Angie went for his nap, to do some shopping then a surprise visit to see Gandy. She was delighted to see us and it gave Ian a much needed break in the afternoon. Gee it's cold though - when is Spring?

27 August, 2010

Friday - So let's talk about you...what do YOU think about me?

It's weird wearing glasses. Still getting used to it.

Thursday - sharing the study

The little boy sat sweetly at my desk while I uploaded the week's photos on the computer ready to take to Nifty Nev's for developing. This lasted all of about, say, oh, 30 seconds.

It turned out he was just tired for his nap. But by the time I put him down, it was almost time to get him up again to go and collect his sister from Monti. The two hours she is gone Goes. So. Fast.

25 August, 2010

Wednesday - rush job

After feeding him his drink while sitting on my lap, I decided to give him a try with the bottle on his own and this time he finished it without shaking it all over the room. Good boy!

Tuesday - late night scrap

Not really a late night. These nights I'm in bed by 11. These are the last two pages I've been working on for baby Delilah's album. The top one was super quick, except the sewing machine tried to chew my cotton so it took about half an hour to fix. It's always the way!

23 August, 2010

Monday - McDonalds playground and spot of shopping

It's been a pretty good day, despite more fog and rain. We left at 9.30 for Spotlight, with the intention of using my voucher... spend $100 and get $40 off. I forgot to follow my earlier instinct, which was to phone ahead to see if they had my products in stock. I got there and guess what - they didn't! No surprises, that's pretty usual with them. But I ended up spending about $30 anyway on some other stuff including fabric I've been wanting (hessian, canvas and muslin for scrapbooking). The irony was that after months and months of waiting to get refills for my Missing X (Xyron sticker maker) I finally went and got some elsewhere on Saturday only to find 3 boxes marked down to half price today! So I grabbed them all, plus some extra white cardstock which I'm scrapping with a bit lately. Score!

Then we went to McDonalds for a LARGE coffee and milkshake for Tassie. We all had fun, actually. Must do this more often.

The cute thing is, Tassie finally found a willing little playmate. Kids usually ignore her friendly offers to play together.

She even went to the toilet with me, and went home willingly. Ahh, progress!

Sunday - baby Delilah and Mum comes for dinner

On Sunday I dropped round to see Manda and baby Delilah. I gave manda her printed travel documents - she's off to Sydney for two days for paid training and she'll be working from home for a previous employer.

I didn't stay long as I had to get back to make the dinner for everyone, but luckily I had my point-and-shoot camera on hand for some photos...

And captured baby Delilah's first smile!

Back at the ranch, we had chicken parmigiana for dinner with chocolate pudding after.

Saturday - everyone busy

The heater's filter got a good clean out at last. Love seeing the man about the house earning his keep!

I bought some new paints for Tassie at the toy shop yesterday. I found some special containers with lids that have a little hole for the paint brush but won't spill. Ingenious. It kept her busy for ages. I even borrowed a bit of paint one on of my scrap layouts...

Angie had his jumper off for a little while so I grabbed the chance to take photos of his sweet chubby little arms...

Friday - new dinosaurs

After dropping Tassie this morning, and doing our food shopping, Angie and i popped into the toy shop. something we rarely do. I found some little dinosaurs - he loves dinosaurs. So now he has eight little ones. It was so fun watching him play with them. This lucky dinosaur got a ride on a little racing car up and down the couch.

I caught up with friends in the evening which was lovely, as always.

19 August, 2010


Tassie was ever so helpful today while I was photographing new scrap layouts. These will hopefully be uploaded tomorrow.

We all felt so much better today though Angie is taking a little longer to recover. Today I gathered up all the toys for a massive clean and realised we've had WAY too much in the house as it is! They'll be cleaned and re=introduced gradually. With Tassie at Monti again I had a chance to get the rest of Delilah's photos developed ready for scrapping and the album will be up-to-date. The idea is I will scrap one simple page per week, when I do my 365-pages for the week. Manda thinks it's funny since I haven't even done a baby album yet for Tassie or Angus. But I will!

18 August, 2010

Wednesday - the day after

We started to recover today after the events of yesterday. Ian caught up on his reading in the quiet moments, and I prepared lessons for the relief teacher for my evening students. The time in the study was wonderful.

Tassie saw me with the camera, about to take a photo of her Daddy, and she said "I'll stand here okay" and squeezed in just in time to be in the photo. It made us all laugh.

She often runs when I have the camera, so it's fun when she poses.

Oh oh she's got the camera again

Look at my drawings.

Tuesday - Gastro

Everybody. Got. The. Gastro. It. Was. Bad.

However, we worked in shifts and somehow got through. I slept. He took care of everybody. Then we swapped. We we rewarded with a long, uninterrupted sleep Tuesday night. Hooray for small mercies.

16 August, 2010

Monday - artworks everywhere

So the babies woke at 5.30am, which is a little too early for me. It took me a while to wake up and I felt grumpy all day. I managed to escape to the study for a little while in the morning, to send an urgent email to one of my students. When I came out to see why it was so quiet, this is what I found...

It was Angie this time. He'll write on anything he can his hands on and unfortunately the pen hadn't put far enough out of his reach. He climbs chairs to get pens now.

So I put him in his chair with some paper and he clearly preferred writing on the tray.

What are YOU looking at?

OK, I'll draw on the paper just get the camera outta my face
I worked out to sticky tape the paper down so he can't lift it to draw on the tray. Hope that works.

Sunday the Musical II

Today it was just another one of those crazy days we seem to be having. First, we got up to find Tassie had gastro (we'd been warned by the childcare centre on Friday there'd been a few cases) and had to deal with that. I won't go into the details, which are pretty unpleasant. Then Ian took off in the afternoon to go to our niece's birthday party - only he left Angie behind, who was supposed to go too. So I was left with two grizzly children all afternoon and feeling rather tired myself, it wasn't a lot of fun. Poor Angie appeared to have the same bug that evening so we had two unwell children and two worn out parents.

There's a bright side though. Everyone perked up in the evening after the babies had their baths and Ian had a bit of fun chasing them round the loungeroom before bed. Tassie also tried to give Angie a hug - he doesn't trust her yet and views all advances suspiciously.


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