16 August, 2010

Sunday the Musical II

Today it was just another one of those crazy days we seem to be having. First, we got up to find Tassie had gastro (we'd been warned by the childcare centre on Friday there'd been a few cases) and had to deal with that. I won't go into the details, which are pretty unpleasant. Then Ian took off in the afternoon to go to our niece's birthday party - only he left Angie behind, who was supposed to go too. So I was left with two grizzly children all afternoon and feeling rather tired myself, it wasn't a lot of fun. Poor Angie appeared to have the same bug that evening so we had two unwell children and two worn out parents.

There's a bright side though. Everyone perked up in the evening after the babies had their baths and Ian had a bit of fun chasing them round the loungeroom before bed. Tassie also tried to give Angie a hug - he doesn't trust her yet and views all advances suspiciously.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Glad your day ended with some fun times


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