28 June, 2011

Tuesday - artwork sneaks

Tassie saw me photographing a layout today and wanted her artwork captured as well.

and here's a sneak of what I've been up to...

27 June, 2011

Style Lounge scrapbook layout

Head on over to Aussie Scrap Source and check out the cute arty layouts in the style of Lousie Nelson. I was lucky enough to have my layout featured there today. Congratulations to Lauren Bell for winning, and also to my scrappy mate Sharmaine who was featured there today too.

Time for me to make another page.


I managed to get the car to the mechanics for an overdue service, after dropping the children at childcare, and having a leisurely stroll home via the photo shop and stopping for a coffee. A short while after returning home, I was called back to the childcare centre to collect Tas who wasn't well. I had to walk to the mechanic, and cancel the service to get the car back. It all worked out ok and now she's at home, peacefully sleeping like a little angel.


Angie wasn't well on Friday night and needed lots of hugs from his Daddy the next day. We all had a quiet one on Sunday.

26 June, 2011


Ali Edwards tag

Thursday - the bubble effect

I've come to really appreciate these weird foggy mornings we get in the hills.

As Angie was keen to get outside and play after dropping Tas at kindy, I got out the bubbles and encouraged him to pop them, as the OT has suggested, to help build his upper strength. Can you tell he likes bubbles?


A week after I've returned home and the suitcase is still not put away.
8.30 - take Tasmin to childcare
9.00 - Angus haircut. Semi-successful. He and I covered in hair.
10.15 - Angus Occupational Therapy
11.30 - walk to cafe next door for coffee that fails to boost flagging energy levels
12.00 - cancel afternoon appointment with Disability OT consultant
1.00 - return home and put Angus down for nap, breaking my new anti-nap rule
1.30 - go to bed for my own nap.

That's how it feels most days - that I'm busy busy busy but not really getting anywhere are feeling TIRED tired tired.
5.30 - leave for work (teaching)


I love it when my scrap mag arrives each month - reading is such a lovely way to go to sleep.


Ian and I met with the social worker at the Daphne St Specialist ELC for children with autism today. It was an amazing place, where staff therapists sat with children, working at tables one-on-one, or swinging them high on hammock swings. Angus will stop going to his regular childcare centre on Mondays and start instead at Daphne St two days a week. He will get speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, social skills and learn just like any other child his age. How wonderful.

When I returned home I played with the stencil function in Photoshop. I can't wait to make a stencil of my face for my art journal. If you want to try this, you simply open a photo in PSE, then Filter-Adjustments-Threshold and play with the settings to get the right effect.

20 June, 2011

The Weekend


After a spontaneous drop-in visit to see their Auntie Manda, Uncle Mike, and little baby cousin, I decided to take Tas and Angus to the playground to run off some energy.

We had the playground all to ourselves and the rain held off for an hour.

Trees make great backdrops. This is Tas's extremely happy face.


It began as any other Sunday morning: with pancakes.

But we all felt a bit bored and house-bound today.

So we hopped on a train into the city.

We laughed in the face of the weather bureau's rain forecast.

We decided to go to the museum and DH and I took turns to see the photography exhibition Images of the Interior, and here were two of my fave images, courtesy of the SA Museum. First, Bill Walker, the photographer, getting his wife Mollie to help him extract his own tooth:

And this one was taken by Samuel White - check out the Museum director in the top middle, Edgar Waite. Love that outfit:

The kids looked at the silent animals behind the glass then went outside to run around some more.

Friday - this is what happens

What happens when your three year old asks if she can try your lipstick on (and you say Yes?)


digital quote courtesy of karenika.com

There weren't any photos today. Poor mamarazzi-me woke up with nasty food poisoning - I suspect from the Qantas flight that brought me home to Adelaide. So I don't like to complain, since they looked after me so nicely in Brisbane! But, er, DH had to stay home from work again while I stayed in bed. But I felt too happy from my Brisbane trip to mind too much!

18 June, 2011

The-Very-Long-Brisbane-Scrap-Expo post

At last - a little getaway just for me, to Brisbane. Beautiful Brisbane!

I stayed at the Oaks, on the 30th floor - the view!

I walked all over the city and found somewhere to have lunch. I even found the art store Eckersleys and decided to stock on some gesso and paints - more on that in the next post!

I fell in love with Brisbane - the changing colours of the city were so inviting.

And how perfect - a purple bedroom!


Day 1 of the expo. I indulged in a special breakfast of yogurt, macadamias, berries and grapes. Oh!

No pics from the expo on the first day - bizarre I know - I was too busy talking with Sharmaine. I loved hearing her tell other scrappers how we'd only met that day after making contact via our blogs! So after we split for dinner, I got out the camera, after deciding to go to a restaurant all by myself on my way home. I had a long way to go, as my hotel was back over the Victoria Bridge and in the city past the mall. I so so recommend dining alone if you've never done it before. Go on!

How beautiful is Brisbane at night? I walked home with light rain sprinkling the River, and felt perfectly safe.

The Brisbane Eye - is that what they call it? Spectacular at night.


I slept in big time, being a little sore after all my walking the day before. I walked the long way via Southbank, where there was a Big Day Out for Queenslanders, as a thank you for their work in the post-flood cleanup. I came across this vintage pair: LOVE!

Me and Sharmaine. She understands my need for photos!

And my two fave scrappin girls together: Sharmaine and Lou. They are way talented (that's Lou's work in the background. Sigh!) You haven't seen their blogs? GO!

Rachel Greig's card class was pretty cool - I loved learning the technique of stamping an image in black then colouring with markers. You just have to have the right image! Her retro sweets range was super cool.

Kass Hall's Zentangle class was intriguing. I can definitely see myself using this "Zentangle" inspired doodling!

I woke very early and admired the morning light gently waking up the city.
I crossed the Victoria Bridge one more time to the Convention Centre.
There was beauty everywhere, in the street art and nature - right in the city!
I met the lovely Sharmine for breakfast - she was fortunate to catch her plane home to Tassie before the volcanic ash suspended further flights.
I was fortunate to hear several speakers discussing their processes: Kerryn Leworthy, Tatum Woodruffe and the very talented Michelle Winston, pictured.
My highlight of the day was discovering the fabulous Jane Davenport, a very generous and talented artist. I signed up for her online class that very day!
I want to learn how to make this:
I caught the airtrain one last time to the airport and admired the sunset.
Three hours later, my flight to Adelaide suspended due to volcanic ash, I found myself back in the city at the posh Mercure Hotel. Oh, the view!


There was a beautiful view of the Brisbane River with the sun slowly rising, reflecting warm golden colours in the buildings.
I went to the airport for my late morning re-scheduled flight and altered a postcard to send to Sharmaine for fun.
The second flight out of Brisbane was cancelled and followed by another very long wait in the queue.
I was amused to find myself back in another hotel, The Portal, and allocated the "Ladies Floor" where I was greeted with French Vogue magazine, chocolate and pink fluffy pillows!


I checked out of my third hotel in six days, planning to find somewhere to sit and work on my travel journal until it was time to get myself back to the Brisbane airport.

What actually happened was, I wandered into the Queen St Plaza and found Kikki K. where there was lots of cute stuff that gave me some ideas... I was sensible, people, and bought a few coloured markers and some divided album refills. But then...
But then I was stopped by these two charming young men who were selling some gorgeous "Spa n Go" products made in Israel. Hand scrub made with salt from the dead sea! So, a free nail buff, hand massage and some sweet talking later, I ended up buying some of their products. I definitely went over my budget, woops! But I've been wanting to find some ways to pamper myself without resorting to expensive salon visits, so this way my DH can give me lovely hand and foot massages!
My plane departed for Adelaide via Melbourne, and I arrived safely home at 7pm, collected by my little family.

Thank you Qantas for getting me home safely, and paying for the extra hotel stays, taxi fares and meals when I was stranded. And thank you my DH for taking extra days off work to be Mr Mum (I told you it wasn't easy being me!) xox.


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