20 June, 2011

The Weekend


After a spontaneous drop-in visit to see their Auntie Manda, Uncle Mike, and little baby cousin, I decided to take Tas and Angus to the playground to run off some energy.

We had the playground all to ourselves and the rain held off for an hour.

Trees make great backdrops. This is Tas's extremely happy face.


It began as any other Sunday morning: with pancakes.

But we all felt a bit bored and house-bound today.

So we hopped on a train into the city.

We laughed in the face of the weather bureau's rain forecast.

We decided to go to the museum and DH and I took turns to see the photography exhibition Images of the Interior, and here were two of my fave images, courtesy of the SA Museum. First, Bill Walker, the photographer, getting his wife Mollie to help him extract his own tooth:

And this one was taken by Samuel White - check out the Museum director in the top middle, Edgar Waite. Love that outfit:

The kids looked at the silent animals behind the glass then went outside to run around some more.


sandi said...

Wow! What awesome pics! LOVE them!!!!!!!!

Felicity said...

oh Debbie.. what AWESOME photos and a top weekend :))
thanks for stopping by my blog.
enjoy your weekend.


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