31 January, 2010

Day 31 street party

I was a bit shy about taking the new camera so i took this quick photo with the old one. We're so lucky to live in a gorgeous cul-de-sac street where the neighbours are so friendly we get together for a street party! This is our second since we moved her five years ago. We know all the neighbours by name now even the new ones who moved here recently. Tasmin had fun with her new pusher and brought Anna with her.

Gandy gave her this doll for Christmas and since buying the little pusher yesterday she has become enamoured. She even hooked the baby change bag over the handle, just like we do! Tas called it Angus but we suggested Anna might be better for a girl baby! I love that she enjoys playing "Mummy" but was just as happy later to run around the street with her new found friend Sascha, getting dirty and climbing up a nearby trailer.

Day 30 It's Saturday morning, but not as we know it...

DH got home very very late on Friday night after a 40th birthday party. We somehow managed to be up early on Saturday morning, so I could drop him and Angus at swimming for his first ever lesson. Tassie and I went on to do some shopping and OH! we had a lovely time.

I told her we were having an outing, just the girls, no Angus or Daddy. We went to the chemist, developed photos, found some great Scrapbook albums at Spotlight (Grant Archival - very very happy, sturdy cover material, $15 and easy to get refills - rare in Adelaide - think I'll go back for more next week), and went for breakfast and a play at the playground. Well, she had a play while I sipped a latte. It was seriously relaxing. We also bought a pusher for her cabbage patch doll, Hannah (formerly known as Anna).

Oh, I love that the babies are growing up. No one ever says that do they? But I love being able to get out of the house and be NORMAL. Very hard when you have a baby and newborn at home - that was 2009. So glad that year's finished. I love them at this age now. It's going to be a ripper year.

30 January, 2010

Day 29

Even though I loved at least 30 photos I took today - I had been wanting some good pics of our mums group for a while now - I had to choose this technically flawed but sweet and touching photo. In the midst of the madness, the expecting Mum has a look of joy and gratitude on her face and she looks so relaxed and peaceful. She'd just received a huge basket of gifts for the new baby. I also wanted to remember this as I'd been asked to make the card and I really hoped to make something she would like and might want to keep.

29 January, 2010

Day 28

The hardest part of this project is choosing just one photo! Angus becomes quite dreamy on the swing. I tried to get a pic of him gazing up at the roof, but he gets too excited and giggly when the camera comes out. The other photo I really liked was this:

Tasmin really likes to get her hands in her food. The spoon just takes too long. Even though the mess is a bit of a gross out, this was a happy accident: a pink meal... the cup, the jelly, the beetroot dip (which she didn't like), her dress and bib!

28 January, 2010

Day 27

End of a hard but satisfying day. Ian entertains us with stories about his first day in a new job. He was amazed when they celebrated with a morning tea, his boss having made a Greek icecream cake. Noni was in town for dancing and told us a little about the preparations for her wedding in May. Manda brought her for dinner, with mini quiches, garlic bread and Mint Slices. We each made a salad - our little tradition. Mike came later after 7pm. Tasmin was delighted with all the visitors, and energised from her first day back at swimming. Angus too - he survived his first day in a creche for an hour or so til we returned from the swimming lesson.

20 - 26th Jan

Tiny little ladybird, 26th Jan
Australia Day

Being a lion

Lots of laughs at our place, 25th Jan

He loves it when the camera comes out. Especially the new big shiny one! 24th Jan

Story time. Can't interest Angus in story yet.

23rd jan. This day she took her guys with her to the sandpit. They ended up in the wash

This is how we like to spend the afternoons in summer, always very busy

Tas gets all dreamy. She keeps a close eye on her "guys".

At last, the new camera

It was definitely worth the wait. It weighs a ton! But I'm quickly getting used to it.

23 January, 2010

Summer 2009

T is such an outdoor girl. She loves to be outside at every opportunity, which is fine by me, as i love being outside too. Especially on hot - but not too hot - days. Say, under 35 degrees.

We loved this little cubby house when we first inspected our house to buy - it's so lovely to see our little girl enjoying it too. I relax more about her playing in there since I bought some good strong red-back spider spray to keep the creepy crawlies out. She knows that Mummy doesn't like spiders and seems to feel the same way!

This is my little potted mint plant that has survived almost as long as we've been here. The only new plant, I believe, that has! She loves to pick it and eat some every time she goes past. DH is asking her not to eat too much, in the hope that some will be left! We're too scared to admit to his parents that all the plant clippings they've given us have gone to plant heaven.

This is the swing that Manda, Dad, and Mike bought for A at Gumeracha in October. Dad
was with us in spirit that trip. As you can see from his lovely squishy thighs, it's not easy getting him out again.

December 09

Oh yes, she loves spaghetti bolognaise there was a little girl under there, after all! she loves to take "calls" from a variety of "handsets" around the house

I love giving him his bottle, the way he strokes my face, and looks up at me. Sometimes he grasps my sleeve in his little fist, and even kicks T away if she comes too close! He makes little noises of enjoyment while he drinks.

He knows what's on the other side of the gate.... freedom

Ah yes. Self portraits!

The reading corner. We really need to encourage A to read more - this was a rare moment.

My happy place, The Tardis. Introducing... sewing machine.

T made a little train out of the giraffe and the blue nappy box. It was funny watching her ride away with the box left behind!

I love love love this photo. Will combine it with a close up of his eyes that I enlarged at home.

Boxing Day/Christmas at our place, the day after Nan and Pa's. Tasmin sleeping, DH taking the photo. This was the day we received the (official) news of manda and mike's pregnancy!

NEw Years Eve at our place. Manda wearing one of my maternity hand-me-downs
Tas loves playing with Uncle Mike. He likes showing off a bit too. I've heard him say to her "check this out, baby"
We set up the timer on the camera, but oh, when is the new camera coming? At least there is a group shot.


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