23 January, 2010

December 09

Oh yes, she loves spaghetti bolognaise there was a little girl under there, after all! she loves to take "calls" from a variety of "handsets" around the house

I love giving him his bottle, the way he strokes my face, and looks up at me. Sometimes he grasps my sleeve in his little fist, and even kicks T away if she comes too close! He makes little noises of enjoyment while he drinks.

He knows what's on the other side of the gate.... freedom

Ah yes. Self portraits!

The reading corner. We really need to encourage A to read more - this was a rare moment.

My happy place, The Tardis. Introducing... sewing machine.

T made a little train out of the giraffe and the blue nappy box. It was funny watching her ride away with the box left behind!

I love love love this photo. Will combine it with a close up of his eyes that I enlarged at home.

Boxing Day/Christmas at our place, the day after Nan and Pa's. Tasmin sleeping, DH taking the photo. This was the day we received the (official) news of manda and mike's pregnancy!

NEw Years Eve at our place. Manda wearing one of my maternity hand-me-downs
Tas loves playing with Uncle Mike. He likes showing off a bit too. I've heard him say to her "check this out, baby"
We set up the timer on the camera, but oh, when is the new camera coming? At least there is a group shot.

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