28 March, 2011

Saturday outside

This was Angus later on Friday afternoon. I love watching him jumping on this little mini trampoline. He also loves apples. He eats them carefully and deliberately, until only a tiny core is left - usually somewhere under the furniture.

I did a little tidy up of my desk on Saturday and found these sweet little birds outside the window.

We often see them in the trees, nibbling at seeds.

Later in the afternoon Ian took Tassie outside with him so he could tidy up the yard. I stayed inside to work on a scrap layout while Angus napped. When I looked outside the window I caught Tas doing this... A definite escape attempt. She likes the boy across the road, who attends the local kindy, and was desperate to get over the fence to play with him.

She was pretty mad with me when I went out with my camera.

I tried to distract her with this little snail I found on the ground. It worked, except she tried to squash it with her boot. Ian told me later she squashed several with her boots. I felt proud that she is such an outdoorsy girl, but also taken aback at her snail and bug killing tendency. She watches her Dad and copies. Now that's an idea for another layout.

26 March, 2011

Scrapbook page - Spring 2010

This was a layout I made a while ago but haven't got around to posting. It was very similar to the day we had today, actually, out in the yard, enjoying the sun, pulling weeds, mowing "grass" (weeds) and playing in the sandpit. Lovely day.

I love this little chipboard fence which is rather like our real fence! I've used brown ink and crackle medium to age it a bit.

...and the story.

25 March, 2011

Friday - new playgroup and new TV

Today we went and tried out a new playgroup that was very close to home. It was wonderful, trains and train tracks all around the room, and a large inviting backyard play area. By the end of the session there were three other Mums all with boys. We were 45 minutes late getting there, but it turned out to be a good thing, because I found the primary school nearby and was very very enchanted. The staff were warm and friendly, even another parent there approached me, concerned that I would be able to find the kindy where our playgroup was. This school is not in our immediate area, but it's very small, and is known as a bit alternative and "autistic" friendly, so I'm feeling very attracted!

After a long play in our sandpit after returning home, Angus was happy to catch up on some ABC kids' shows on our new TV. It's not without its frustrations - we haven't been able to get the surround sound to work since the installer left yesterday, and he left the wireless system and two speakers for us to "play with" even though I'd asked him to secure them so Angus wouldn't be able to break them (yes Angus did break our last system!) And sure enough , Angus got his hands on one of the pieces today and threw it. Sigh! Ian's not very happy. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday - it's the trains

I love the days we go to speech therapy. Even though Angus was resistant for the first half, he really engaged with the bus and train play, so that was what we did when we got home.

The story of ...

I made this scrap page the other day when I only had a few minutes between gigs. Not everything has to be a work of genius, oui?

23 March, 2011

Wednesday - Early days and engaging with trains

Last night I went to an "Early Days" workshop for parents of children with autism. It was an evening workshop, and after getting chatting to some of the parents afterwards, it was 11pm before I got in the car to come home. It was really worthwhile going along, and the best part was the privilege of meeting some amazing people, all with a child/grandchild - some with two or three - on the autism spectrum. I really hope we'll be able to stay in touch, as I think talking to other parents will be the best possible support we'll be able to access. There's a second workshop next week, so another chance to meet up then.

I was told about Kid Sense, a place here in Adelaide on Unley road, with trained Occupational Therapists, to deal specifically with the "sensory" issues. I'm planning to book in for that, since we're on a waiting list for Occupational Therapy. There's another place called Headstart where they offer ABA (intensive applied behavioural therapy) which is the main thing I'm looking for. Will be looking into that today also. I had planned to follow up the Hanen More than Words program but this doesn't seem to be readily available in Adelaide right now.

If you're a parent of a child on the spectrum, or suspect your child might be, please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

I couldn't resist taking more kids-at-the-breakfast-table shots this morning. Each day this little routine has been progressing. Now, not only did they sit nicely together, but Tasmin seemed to be trying to engage Angus with his trains. I couldn't believe it. Last night, in the ED workshop, we were advised about Floortime techniques, where you follow the child's lead and build communication based on what they want to play (not what you want to teach them). Yet here is Tasmin, doing exactly that, with no prompting from me. Baby steps, baby steps, but lots of hope for a happy sibling relationship developing.

Tuesday - cheeky monkey returns to kindy care

This little monkey does not follow instructions. Not unless they're ones she's made up herself. The process of getting her into the bathroom in the morning to get ready, getting on and off the toilet, cleaning herself up, washing hands, brushing teeth and hair and then getting dressed takes around half an hour. There's lots of chasing, naughty chair threats, cajoling, time out on the naughty chair and sometimes bribery to get her to cooperate. And this is all before 9am in the morning.

I have to smile (trying not to grimace) when her carers and teachers are telling me how sweet and clever and angelic she is.

Monday - my day

I'm laughing just reading back the jumbled wording on the tag above - I forgot to mention the little movie we made of Tasmin last month was filmed on a camcorder, which happened to be mounted on a tripod. I sometimes wonder if I will ever recover from "baby brain".

Anyway, thanks to my friend Kate who gave me this idea, to do a regular video interview with our children so we can do a "7 up" style documentary over the years (I love that series, starting with a group of British seven year olds, and tracking them every seven years. They're 49 now, can you believe it?) The visual quality of our first video was a little disappointing but the sound excellent. Next year I'll use my digital SLR, which actually films nice quality video. And being digital makes it much much easier to upload. I still have to learn how to "edit" using Premiere Elements. Must get that book back from the library.

I've transcribed the interview which I'll upload later in the week.

21 March, 2011

Sunday - sneaky scrappy day

I had all afternoon to play in the study while Ian took the kids to visit their Nan and Pa (Pa turned 81 on Saturday. Happy birthday Pa!). I worked on a little project I've been meaning to do for ages. My folder of scrap paper doesn't close anymore it's so full, so I decided to make some pretty page collages. These can be used later for scrap layouts or cut up and used for embellisments.

By the end of the afternoon I think I had done about a dozen pages. The best way to do this is with a big glue stick. It doesn't matter if the glue gets on top of the patterned papers as it dries clear. I used 12" plain white paper, which comes free in many scrapbooking albums. And I used my punches to make the paper more textured and interesting looking.

What do you do with your scraps?

Saturday - visit to Clarendon

Progress. Angus stays at the table, and keeps an eye on his sister. And they were still there after I'd grabbed the camera!

We went off to visit Gandy and install her brand new digital TV. After a stop at our local playground, we decided it was a good sunny day to go for a drive. Alas, I didn't have my camera with me as we hadn't planned to be out. But the car took us to Clarendon, a hills community we loved. Beautiful historic street, gorgeous lunch at a bakery, and the discovery of a little secret garden across the road, complete with creek and bridge. Tasmin commented that the crocodiles must have been sleeping.


Angus was out of his seat faster than I could grab the camera. He's learning to sit at the table to eat.

End of a long day and week - Daddy reads the kids a story before bed. It's great to see Angus joining in more with this activity.

17 March, 2011

Thursday - colours

This is the colourful artwork we returned home with yesterday. Angus was evidently paying close attention to Tasmin because when I saw him at the crafts table, he was sprinkling the little bottle of glitter on the table, just as he'd seen Tasmin do. Maybe I can make him an art and crafts kid, yet! Mwah-ha-ha...

16 March, 2011

Wdnesday - playgroup, shopping and kookaburras

It was a bit of a relief to return home this afternoon after a busy playgroup morning followed by shopping for new hats, undies and sippy cups for the kidlets. I was amazed to look out the window and see a kookaburra in our tree.

I let them out on to the balcony (which is NOT kid proof!) to see the kookaburra closer up. Tassie dashed back inside to be in this photo. She's inside and Angie's out on the balcony looking for the bird. I think. Sometimes I get this feeling she's destined for the movies. Just sayin'.

15 March, 2011

Tuesday - our life now

Angus has been diagnosed with autism.

We are now working hard to help him learn and develop, and he's already started speech therapy. He's developing rapidly before our eyes which is totally amazing, and each day there is something new. At last, at two and a half, we are seeing progress. Here's my notes from our busy morning:

7.30 – 9.30am
• Angus initiated play chasey with his sister around the room
• Angus sat at the table with Tas to eat breakfast and stayed until he was finished eating
• He helped to put on shoes and socks, then walked down steps to get into the car
• He tried to escape but let me put him in the car and held a toy for the ride
• We got out with his monkey backpack on so I keep hold of him, to drop Tas at kindy care
• We stayed to play on the slide (he can do this himseklf now) and sandpit before going
• Returned home, he went straight for the backyard and waited for me to come and open the gate
• He tried to pick up my watering can full of water but I gave him his own little one which he tipped out
• Got very upset when it was time to go inside
• Recovered quickly with a drink while i did the nappy change (note: need to make visual cues). I hold the cup to my eyes and wait for eye contact before giving him the cup - works really well.

9.30 – 10.30
• Imaginative play - Practised putting the Mummy and the little boy into the purple car (he remembered to use the door from speech therapy only it was too small so he used the open roof)
• Fed the toddler doll and baby doll their bottles, gave them food, put them to sleep, practised ‘open and shut’ with the babies eyes
• Tried putting the big train and a truck around the ikea mat track but he hadn’t caught on

• Reading (helping himself to book from the bookshelf using the chair as a ladder)

11.30 – 2.00
• Lunch - we sat together at the table for lunch. He puts whole quarters of bread in his mouth at once. Have to work on this.
swing - Angus said "Go" with me each time I gave him a big push on the swing
• Angus naptime (time for me to catch up on housework and phonecalls and marking for work)

This Thursday we have scheduled our very first date with our new babysitter. Last week I'd had to cancel because Ian was away for work. Here's hoping!

Monday - end of the long weekend

Gandy had surprised us with a visit Sunday morning, which was wonderful and she helped amuse the children while Ian had some downtime in his cave, I mean study. I set about organising the new laundry, tidied the rest of the house, and caught up on washing, but can't imagine where I found the energy for all this.

On Monday it was more of the same. While Angus slept, Tasmin and Daddy headed outside to remove the rest of the dead branches, lots of weeds, and a dried up old bush. I cleared off my desk which was starting to resemble a pyramid! I also finished a bit of embroidery on one of Tassie's T-shirts (unfinished from Xmas!)

13 March, 2011

Saturday and Sunday - before and after pics

I took Tassie shopping with me in the morning. I had to first dash out to put the photos in for processing while she ate lunch, and when I returned she'd been in tears, sobbing that I'd forgotten her. I tried to reassure her that I'd had a plan but she wouldn't hear it! She was happy enough when we went though, and she was rewarded with a trip to the playground afterwards. At first she was disappointed to find no other kids there, but a little girl arrived whom she happened to know from kindy care.

It was such a perfectly sunny day that I had to take the kids outside for playtime, which was wonderful. Meantime, Ian was hard at work in the laundry most of the day battling with the ikea components of the new laundry.

This is the before very ugly and very disorganised laundry.

and here is the very beautiful after. My clever DH!


Tassie went off to childcare and Angie and I went to our new playgroup. I nearly didn't go as I felt so tired (always do on Fridays) and didn't finish getting photos ready for printing, and already two weeks behind in 365 project. But off we went, and so glad we did. It's nice to be around friendly people when you've felt lonely for so long. Ian returned from his work trip in the afternoon which was a great bonus.

Come on, long weekend!

11 March, 2011

poppet family - scrapbooking page layout

I used Grace Taylor and Kelly Panacci patterned paper, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist for the sky, Kaisercraft paint for the sun, My Minds Eye acrylic sun stamp, Hot off the Press acryclic tree stamp, Staz On ink, die cut house, Scrap FX chipboard fence, ribbon, pearl beads, Kamera Dings.

Do you like my poppet family page?

This is what I got up to on Monday when both the children were in childcare and I had my first ever day at home since they were born. When I showed my sister, and explained that I'd done this project for my day off, she enquired "Is that all you did?" LOL! She's not a scrapbooker.

Each little person took me up to an hour to do, because I had to fiddle with the photos in Photoshop to get the outlines of the people, to trace on to my paper, (and I can't draw to save my life so it was difficult to do hands and feet especially) then repeat the process for the clothes, which were tiny little pieces moved about on the page with the aid of tweezers.

That's a tiny metal wrench he's got. Cute eh?

Yes, as I said, quite fiddly. But worth it, don't you think?

10 March, 2011

Thursday at last the photos

First stop today was our return to the speech therapist after several weeks break. It was very very successful and the therapist, who is wonderful, commented on how far Angus had progressed since last time. His eye contact, engaging with activities for longer periods, repeating words, like "hooray", using "no" or "Oh no" proactively and in the right context and imaginative play are all coming along well. I've asked if we can go weekly from now on.

Since we were in the area, Angus obligingly let me stop by the Elna shop to drop in my sewing machine, to have the tension dial corrected. I'd forgotten the change bag with all his snacks at home, so we popped into a friendly shop next door for lunch. I commented to the lady that we should come by this way more often, since it was so friendly, and she said, Oh no, it's just us love. Meaning herself! There are certain areas of Adelaide that aren't known for their egalitarianism. But two very charming men popped in and chatted with us, and well, it's nice to be noticed sometimes!

I also popped in to my local scrapbooking shop, as I'd almost forgotten my new bird punch was waiting for me (thanks Mutti Robin - I bought that, and some glittery Stickles, and some papers, and lace, and embossing pens with the birthday money. Scrapbooking makes me happy :-)) The last stop was our chemist where I collected our complimentary photo as well as two more I paid for, since they were so good!

Wednesday - lots and lots of chocolate

Ian laughed and laughed when I came home with THIS afer work last night - not because it's chocolate, the rather expensive kind. It was because I was sliding my fingers over the top and saying Ooohhh, look at the beautiful gold crackled embossing. There's a lot going on at our place this week, and I'm not quite ready to share yet, but I will soon, I promise.

Tuesday - feeling the IKEA love

After last week's successful mid-week excursion to IKEA for the new TV cabinet, we decided to return for my longed for new laundry. It's basic really, just two Antonio frames, that will hold many many plastic drawers, where currently an ancient cabinet stands, plus some shelving. Can't wait for it to go up!

09 March, 2011

Monday night

I've discovered an effective way to help Angus get to sleep at night. After we put Tassie in bed (she goes to sleep immediately) I take him outside for a little swing. It makes him very sleepy and ready for bed. Normally he races around the loungeroom, tearing up couches, and scuttling over the table, and emptying out the toy boxes. I only thought of the swing when I noticed him drifting off in it right before midday nap time the other day. What ever works!

Aussie Scrap Source challenge

Well folks, today I entered a scrap page in a challenge for the first time ever. Such fun! I had a blast making my own rubons from a childhood holiday book made by my Grandma, and from it I included the photo, keeping its charming pink tinting, plus a sample of her handwriting, discussing the photo, and my Papa's sketch of a scooter. It's faded and quite authentic looking, I think!

I can't wait to see what others having come up with for this challenge at Aussie Scrap Source. The always inspiring Kathie and Sharmaine each made a page too. Go see and try it yourself!

Have a great day.

07 March, 2011

Scrapbooking layout

I know it's a bit late to be posting Christmas layouts, but at least it's out before Easter LOL! For the previous year's Christmas I bought a pack of glittery cardstock that I used to punch holes out of for cards. After swearing never to do this again, I was left with lots of "holey" cardstock and it's great for journalling spots in reverse! I didn't finish the Christmas album but I'll have fun with it in October, plenty of time for next Christmas. I just realised, October's only six months away. Times flies even more at my age!

Monday - first day home alone

I'm feeling spooked today. It is the first time in three years and eight months that I have been home alone with no children to care for. Angus went off to childcare which he was clearly excited about so I guess I should try to enjoy it. I've certainly been looking foward to it as I love solitude. I think I'll be glad to see him at the end of the day though.

So today my plan is to stay in the study and work on getting Project 365 up to date. Last year's album is missing a front and back page, plus some journalling and the odd photo that needs reprinting. Then I'll get this year's up to date and that'll free up next Monday for something else. Which is a public holiday by the way.


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