29 September, 2010

Wednesday - busy day with Tas

It really was a challenging day today. I was grateful as always when Mum came round in the afternoon and she managed to stay quite a while, til about 4pm. Angie again slept very early, from 9.15am and Tassie, again, wouldn't nap during her 'quiet' time in her room. So it was a very long day, where again I seemed to not have a break, and Ian wasn't home until 7pm ish. On the bright side, I can pull out my dear friend, my camera, and that always makes me feel better, helping me to see the beauty before me. There was one lovely moment when Tassie posed for the camera when she was meant to be doing her toilet routine. She uses every delay tactic in the book, and it can be very frustrating. Up to half an hour later, often, til we're back where we were. The other good part is I realised how badly I needed to bring the evening routine forward, getting our dinner ready at 4pm for the children to eat at 4.15 or 4.30 to be in bed by 6pm. That part is working well, and I plan to continue.

Tuesday - cafe lunch and play

Angie surprised me by going to sleep early at 9.30 in the morning, after dropping Tassie at daycare. I spent some time uploading photos to the computer and blog, then he woke up in time to get to the church cafe to have lunch with Gandy, Manda and Delilah. We haven't been since Mutti Robin's visit in August. It was lovely and relaxing, and so nice to have Angie to myself. After lunch he drew quite happily in Tassie's little notebook - he seemed to like that better than paper scraps. I'll make him one for himself. We said goodbye and despite the cold (it only reached a max of 14 degrees in the city today) Angie and I went to the playground across the road for a little play. I took many many photos. Really enjoying playing with manual mode on the camera. It makes a huge difference to the quality of the pics.

For this last photo and several more after it clicked (so to speak): I set the white balance to 'cloudy', the ISO to '400' and kept the depth of field at about 5.6 and oh! what beautiful photos. There's 100 more I haven't uploaded here. I'll save them for some Angie layouts over at Rock Paper Scissors Scrap.

28 September, 2010

Monday - another baby visit

Angie had resisted sleeping during his morning nap time. So after lunch, while Tassie was in her room (also not sleeping) I pulled him on to my lap for a drink and next thing I know - fast asleep! He napped on the couch and Manda arrived with Delilah to use the computer to try and get some work done. She's been finding it difficult as baby isn't sleeping much at all during the day. The highlight of the day was getting a photo of myself with Delilah - the first ever. At last!

Sunday - stroll in the city before returning home

Here are the twelve layouts I finished. It was a mad scramble to check out on time, because I got half way through another five layouts. Obsessed? Yes, I am, I already know. So then I left my bags in storage and took off into the city, vaguely planning to see a film at Nova but not really feeling like it. I bumped into my old school friend Jeannie and her sweet little boy Huon which was a lovely surprise. And I must have been surprised, because after we said goodbye, I realised I hadn't taken any photos. Doh! Hopefully we'll see them again soon then I'll get my chance. I decided it would be better to spend $15 on a scarf, when I discovered the little market in Rundle Street, than see a movie, so that's what I did.

Overall, I took a lot of photos, as I'm practising manual mode. My heart wasn't really in it, by Sunday morning, as I was desperate to get home. So desperate, that when I got through the ticket gate in time to wave the train goodbye, I decided I couldn't wait an hour til the next one. Ian didn't answer the phone so I got a taxi home. Woops, cos I hasn't realised how expensive it would be. Oh well! If that's the worst that happened, then I had a mighty fine weekend! *Smiles*

Cute posters in the window.

Home again. When Mum came round she obligingly admired all my layouts. Love you Mum!

Manda popped around to do some printing. Warning: more baby pics ahead!

Saturday - scrapping and relaxing

I spent most of the day scrapping. I mastered the technique of close ups using the camera's manual settings, and also practised using Tim Holtz distress inks on white paper - I've failed at this technique in the past and did a much better job this time with practise. All in all there were about 12 finished layouts. If only I could have stayed up longer to do more!

My favourite city views were of the Arts TAFE, and the funny little green palm tree, lit up like a tropical Christmas tree!

Friday - Mumma's solo retreat

I arrived at my chic city apartment at about 5.30pm - had been running a little late getting into the city to pick up hubby, as I'd been anxious to get dinner ready for the family, and get all the loads of washing done etc. So I said goodbye to them all and up I went to the 11th floor and oh - it was so quiet. That was the first lovely thing I noticed. I spent a bit of time playing with the camera, taking it off the little green rectangle - gasp - off automatic! I spent the first night relaxing with my new Scrapbooking Memories mag that had arrived that afternoon - great timing. I also unpacked all the art stuff for the next morning. There was rather a lot! But not too much...

23 September, 2010

Thursday - making our own playday

With Tassie at Monti this morning (last week of term - wow that flew by fast) I decided Angie and I should have our own play day outside. He was a bit upset when I took him back inside yesterday after being out so this time we stayed out for closer to an hour. He loved playing in the dirt, in his new shoes, especially picking up handfuls and letting it slither through his fingers. I'm rapt in the new shoes, by the way, and I don't care how dirty they get. I'm just happy he can't get these ones off (so easily).

We had a bit of a play in the sandpit, despite the nasty winter weeds trying to take over the sand. I've given up trying to pull them out. Think I'll wait til...next time. LOL!

22 September, 2010

Wednesday - last week of teaching term

Mum didn't show up today so I decided to take the babies outside for a play. It's not so cold out now, so it's worth it when it's not raining. Tassie was funny with the dolly pusher. She decided to get in it, against my advice. After she'd managed to get herself out again, she took it for a push down the bushy hill with Jemima Puddleduck tucked up inside, leaving a trail in the undergrowth. It would have made a funny pic, but my camera was safely away by then.

She then chased after the cat, calling out "Come here baby!" I silently said to Billie, under my breath, Run! Save yourself!

tuesday - one sweet little boy

I'm so enjoying flowers at the moment, as it's supposed to be Spring. Oh well, there was a few minutes of sun today. Tassie went to daycare today, thankfully, and I spent a lot of the day playing with blogger and making my photos appear larger on the screen. Angie had a smile for me when I brought out the camera. He's definitely becoming more smiley and a little more communicative. When I talked about cleaning up the 'muck' from his face after lunch, he repeated the "ck" sound. Ck, ck, ck. Too cute!

So grateful today for lots of things done:
1. Updating my blogs
2. Making an appointment for Angie with the speech pathologist in November
3. Returning chocolate fundraising money to childcare, lost piece to the toy library, buying more computer ink cartridges and milk for Ian and all done on foot. That's right, walking, something I don't do often.
4. Deciding to have a mini holiday this weekend and booking it. Hooray!
3. Going for a drive to buy more nappies to the chemist next to my fave scrap shop and buying Glimmer Mist. At last, hooray!!!

20 September, 2010

Monday - almost lost in the jungle

I took the babies outside for a little play and it turned out we had enough time to explore before the rain started. Can you spot them?

Lucky me - I scored some garden flowers.
When we returned inside, we got changed out of our wet clothes, Angie had his milk and went to sleep. Tassie on the other hand, has been challenging again today. It's almost as if the more fun things we do, and spend time together, the worse her behaviour gets. Counter-intuitive. I had a call from her daycare centre and they are going to give us Mondays and Fridays in term 4. Coupled with her two sessions at Monti I'm hoping for more harmony next term.


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