14 September, 2010

Tuesday - big trucks

Another successful day. I didn't sleep well and woke up with a sore throat but seemed to manage OK today regardless. While the kids were watching ABC Kids, I snuck into the spare room to tackle the filing. The spare bed had become a dumping ground and I decided to take my own advice and just set a time limit. So I did and an hour later probably half of it was done. Hooray!

Tassie was so much better after the past few days I decided to take her to Little School, even though she was a bit late this morning. She was so happy to go.

After I arranged some appointments for Angie, he and I went off to the toy library to pick up new toys. Luckily the toy nazi was away today so I didn't have to face her with the guilty news that one of the pieces of the 1-20 number puzzle was missing. We tipped the house upside searching on Sunday and managed to find everything but. Oh well. Then while I worked on lessons for tomorrow, Angie was delighted with his new toy. More things to bash and crash around!

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