17 September, 2010

Thursday - outside time and seeing cousin Leon

While Tassie was at Monti in the morning, I managed to get some student reports done before taking Angie out on the deck. He wasn't feeling himself today, but he was very happy to get into the fresh air and went straight for his little trikie. These are the only photos where he wasn't looking sad and sorry for himself.

I did manage to get more reports done in the afternoon, but Angie didn't like being left alone. The laptop, being broken, left me no choice but to work in the study. Later that evening Manda, Delilah and I drove into the city to catch up with cousin Leon who's in town for work. It had been so long since I'd been to Rundle St I'd forgotten where the cafe was I'd suggested we find. Lucky his I-Phone had GPS! After walking the wrong way, we found he cafe was almost directly opposite where we'd parked. Hmmm...

Delilah clearly loved him. This sweet photo was taken with Leon's I-Phone.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Aw first smile I've seen from Delilah. Thanks for the lovely photos as always. Hope Tassie is more cheery


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