11 September, 2010


Yesterday and today Ian's been home with a bit of a cough and cold. One thing I did manage to get around to was to print a little image of a koala for a baby's smock - with her name underneath. I found several images on the internet, ones for children to colour in, and simply changed the colour in Photoshop, added the name and a circle. There were two small problems - one was the pink colour changed to orange when I ironed it on to the fabric. No biggie. But the other thing was that when I took the transer to my desk to cut it into a circle, it must have picked up small dark pieces of fluff which were transferred and neatly trapped inside the image.

I decided not to freak out, and slept on it overnight. The next day I visited You Tube to find out how to do a french knot (click here for tutorial) and the whole problem was fixed in about half an hour, since I had to practise first! The end result was great.

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Wendy said...

beautiful job Deb


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