28 September, 2010

Sunday - stroll in the city before returning home

Here are the twelve layouts I finished. It was a mad scramble to check out on time, because I got half way through another five layouts. Obsessed? Yes, I am, I already know. So then I left my bags in storage and took off into the city, vaguely planning to see a film at Nova but not really feeling like it. I bumped into my old school friend Jeannie and her sweet little boy Huon which was a lovely surprise. And I must have been surprised, because after we said goodbye, I realised I hadn't taken any photos. Doh! Hopefully we'll see them again soon then I'll get my chance. I decided it would be better to spend $15 on a scarf, when I discovered the little market in Rundle Street, than see a movie, so that's what I did.

Overall, I took a lot of photos, as I'm practising manual mode. My heart wasn't really in it, by Sunday morning, as I was desperate to get home. So desperate, that when I got through the ticket gate in time to wave the train goodbye, I decided I couldn't wait an hour til the next one. Ian didn't answer the phone so I got a taxi home. Woops, cos I hasn't realised how expensive it would be. Oh well! If that's the worst that happened, then I had a mighty fine weekend! *Smiles*

Cute posters in the window.

Home again. When Mum came round she obligingly admired all my layouts. Love you Mum!

Manda popped around to do some printing. Warning: more baby pics ahead!

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Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hi Debbie :) Ijust loved reading about your solo retreat!! WELL DONE YOU!!! I wish I had the umm courage...no ummm confidence... no ummm what is the right word... I wish I could do that! I don't cope well with being away from everyone here but so admire you for taking the time out and wowee I love how many pages you made!! I dream of being able to get more than 1 page done lol Love all the photos too!


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