13 September, 2010

Sunday - adventures with blu tac and torches

On Sunday afternoon Gandy came over and the first thing we did was put up the new shape mirrors I bought for Tassie. I should have taken a photo because they're not there now. They were pulled off the wall so I need to figure out how to get them back up safely. So meanwhile, Tassie and Gandy amused themselves playing with blu tec while Angie was toddling around playing with some he'd picked up off the floor.

Later, Tassie got hold of the torch I was using to try and extract a splinter from Mum's hand. She loves torches. Actually, she likes playing with anything she's not supposed to have.

Then Angie started doing his thing. Jump jump jump!

It was another great Sunday evening. I also should have taken a photo of the apple crumble I made (from the batch of Anzac bisuuits that went wrong the other day. I blame the toddler for distracting me!).

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