30 July, 2010

Friday day 211 - Bliss

Tassie's returned to play school today and it's just me and the little fella. He's asleep and, while he has tonsilitis, he seems much better today. I'm uploading photos like crazy to catch up on Project 365. Lovin every minute! I'm planning to make a slideshow of all our photos so Tassie and Angie can remember our first little family holiday together.

Thursday - day 210 - second day at Monti

Tassie's first official day at Monti was last Thursday and I went along too. Today was her second time, and my last visit. There was a relief teacher who - ironically - I loved. However, everything felt right today. Next week she'll go by herself and we're confident she's going to love it (I'm prepared to see how the regular teacher goes). She used the toilet today with no problem and as the whole Monti concept is really great we won't let the toileting concerns get in the way. Will we?!

Wednesday - day 209 - seeing Gandy

I was so very happy to see Mum today. Tassie's become a real handful again lately and I really needed prep time for work with my Year 12's in the evening. Tassie was actually pretty good all day but I soon realised little Angie wasn't feeling well by the afternoon.

Monday, Tuesday (days 207,208) last days

On Monday we were all pretty exhausted from the busy weekend. The babies seemed to find enough energy for another trip to the playground, of course.

The bouncy pillow

Angie prepares to make a dash for freedom

Goodbye cabin

View from the little front yard

We hopped out of the car to see a whale but it had already submerged.


29 July, 2010

Sunday - the story so far

...So we arrived in Port Elliott on Thursday night right before dark and our timing worked out well. Tasmin had us up most of that first night with her antics and by 6am or so when we went in to the babies' room again, she was right in Angus's cot, terrorising him. Friday we were all pretty tired and it was a resting day, getting up only to visiting the playground nearby. Saturday we travelled to Victor Harbour and Sunday we decided to take the Sunday-only train (normally a steam train but diesel in winter) to Goolwa.

...the view from our bedroom

Our teeny tiny cabin

Port Elliott's main street

Tassie adored the short train ride to Goolwa

I loved the antique details inside the train

Here were are arriving in Goolwa

Tassie and I discoved a little craft shop at the train station

I bought a packet of heritage train tickets for $2 - bargain!

The station isn't so different from 100 years ago

The bridge to Hindmarsh Island and the cafe we went to later in the day

Sweet little gift shops

And here is my treasure... a pencil sharpener bought for $4.50 to complete my antique miniatures collection (I have the vintage typewriter and the Singer sewing machine)

Friday, Saturday days 204,205 - Victor Harbour

Tassie and I hopped on the horse-drawn tram across to Granite Island while Daddy and Angus strolled behind. The weather was cold, gray and dreary to start off with.

Happily the clouds started to break and the sun appeared.

Tassie was delighted to discover some cockle shells, being the collector she is.

This is the little kiosk we went to for hot drinks and milkshake. It's been there in one form or another for many years. I have an old photo which I'll upload soon.

Oh the quiet, when Tassie has milkshake!

The seagulls were everywhere. A catchphrase Tassie started was "Mike Mike Mike" (as in Mine! Mine! Mine! from Finding Nemo) whenever she saw seagulls.

We didn't see any penguins other than these in the shop.

Interesting rock formations.

We decided to head off in the other direction and up the big hill to admire the view. Tassie always prefers to run off in the opposite direction.

There goes the little tram around the corner.

These are the little penguins that greet you at the foot of the hill.

I loved the golden wattle all the way up on our walk. Ian remembers it well from his childhood.

A beautiful view.

We were all a bit tired at the top.

Back across to Victor Harbour we had to get a closer look at the iconic whale tail fountain.

When Angie was let out to explore, he crawled directly into the water!

One of Klaus's hotdogs.

A handy shop window for our portrait!


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