01 July, 2010

thursday - july project scanning

My camera has been loaned to the new parents for a few days, so here are two of my favourite childhood photos, scanned in from one album today. I love the sepia tone of the one below but a little photoshopping may bring some colour back. I'm certain Mum made the dress and scarf I'm wearing, and I'm here with my cousin Karissa and Auntie Robin.

I love these pics of Mum with her beehive do. So beautiful. So glamorous.

This is going to be a big project. Massive. There are several albums, plus loose photos, and they're not all in one place. I'm sure we'll be discovering photos tucked away here and there for some time to come. But at last...by the end of the month they'll be all. scanned. in.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

I remember the scarf. I think I had one too so may have been a Grandma job. Love the photo of the behive Gill has


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