16 July, 2010

Friday - day 197

These are pics from Thursday night dinner out with the girls at a Greek restaurant with very pretty looking trio of dips. It was a great night and we managed to get home before midnight. Not bad, and not even a school night (still holidays!).




Now these two are very photogenic. Kate has lovely features - beautiful black glossy hair, flashing expressive eyes and a cute button nose and dainty little chin. The beauty is in the animated face - a twinkle in the eye, the way she purses her lips to great effect when telling a funny story. And the problem is she - like most subjects - won't see this in the mirror where you're just staring blankly. That's what I try to capture in the photo. The 3-D person. Karina has very pretty, dainty features and an appealing smile but she worried about her chin in the photo. So you see? The camera knows.
And I know I'm biased but I think we all look F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

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