11 July, 2010

friday - day 190 - double celebrations

This is the day we celebrate two things: Tasmin's birthday - she's three today - and our wedding anniversary, this year our fifth. Hence the birthday presents and beautiful flowers.

Steph's last day before flying back to Canberra.

Tassie's new tricycle. She insisted on going to play school this morning so had to wait to receive her main birthday present, which Daddy needed to build.

And wasn't it worth the wait!

She was delighted.

Good thing Steph made a bit of room in the lounge for us, beforehand! She also blew up the balloons for us.

The birthday cake, Foofa (from Yo Gabba Gabba). I made it myself!

and Angie didn't miss out. He got his own little trike.

Tassie was rapt to finally receive an umbrella, which she's wanted for a while. She likes the wet weather. A winter baby, after all.

And blowing out her three candles.


Steph and Pa.

Mr Mum.

Presents... this was a winnie the Pooh DVD and clothing from Nan and Pa.

And a nursery rhyme book from Manda and Mike.

Nan made this special embroidery for Tas, a family tradition.

Angie looked on quietly, as he does.

that's me rushing around. No wonder I was so tired at the end of the day.

The wattle waited til today to make a special appearance.

And little baby Delilah slept through the whole thing pretty much.

First picture with Grandma.

And right at the end of the night, Ian surprised me with a card and set a special table for us. We had Indian.
all in all a memorable day.


Wendy said...

Happy anniversary Debbie - what a nice surprise to have a special dinner. Great job on the cake - love the expression on the face. Well done to Ian on putting the trike together and Steph for clearing the room. lots of love

Debbie Smith said...

It was a great surprise - ian's a bit of an old romantic! It was a memorable day... of course the photos help too.


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