06 July, 2010

tuesday - day 187 - Angie's first haircut

So today I braved a trip to the hairdressers with the boy. I brought Toy Story for him to watch on the laptop (thanks for the good idea Noni). It distracted him slightly, but he pretty much wriggled and writhed around the whole time. I needed a cup of tea and a lie down afterwards! I was covered in hair. The hairdresser saved some little curls for me. Angie rebelled against his new neat and tidy look when we got home by removing his bib.

Before getting home we dropped in to see Manda and Mike and the new baby.

I took around a present from Linda, Cliff and Kerry which Mike enjoyed unwrapping while Manda breastfed.

And look what I have created! It was all handstitched while I sat with Ian in front of the TV last night. Not bad for a first effort, even I do say so!


Wendy said...

wow Deb all that in one nights effort. It looks lovely. I like Angus new haircut - very neat - well done to you and the hairdresser

Debbie Smith said...

Yes I'm very happy with the haircut. It's like having a new baby boy :)


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