22 July, 2010

Thursday - little break

It was Tassie's first day at Montissori today. I'm sad to say I was unimpressed - there was no welcome at the beginning, and it was very unclear what we were supposed to do. It was a very long two hours. The teacher I found a bit snooty, but then some people are like that with adults, fine with kids. She didn't like the fact Tasmin wasn't "fully toilet trained" but eventually I found an assistant who said it was her job to help kids with toileting so I felt a little reassured. Also a couple of the mums were friendly, which helped. There were six boys and three girls altogether and mostly the boys cried and clung to their mums the whole time, begging to go home. Tasmin of course was more than happy to be there and enjoyed the new environment.

We'll give it a term and see how it goes.

We're going to the beach for a winter holiday for a few days so a full report when we return.

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