08 July, 2010

thursday - day 189 - babies playing together

Look at these two, playig together! What a hoot. Tasmin spontaneously started pushing Angie and he laughed and giggled. Thought it was a great lark.

Here's my little man. He refused to look at me for a close up photo. Must work on my mamarazzi technique.

and here he is being Bob Dylan again. Doesn't his new haircut emphasise his big beautiful eyes?

1. Took Angie to the doctor - again - and he has an acute ear infection in both ears. Again.
2. My teeth are brilliant. Perfect.
3. Ian's aren't. At least one isn't. It's cracked and will cost $1400 to fix. Gulp!
4. I am getting my first pair of glasses. And they're purple. Woo hoo!
5. Tomorrow is Tasmin's birthday and I'm planning to make a cake in the morning. Yes i know, over ambitious. Watch this space.


Wendy said...

Happy birthday to Tasmin. All the best in baking the cake - I'm sure you will do a wonderful job. I love your new phrase Mamarazzi

Debbie Smith said...

Yes that's definitely me... mamarazzi. You can see it in the kid's faces...Run! Mum's got the camera!


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