30 April, 2010

day 120 - friday - monster scrap night

I'm not supposed to call it monster scrap night as I'm not supposed to go to bed after 10pm. But this is what my Friday night looks like and if I'm honest, it's often after midnight...
Ahh, heaven!

29 April, 2010

day 119 - thursday - overcast but beautiful

The babies love going outside. They don't seem to notice the weather conditions. After yesterday I just felt so happy and grateful for the day and the babies. Today Tasmin said "Is Angie going to school?" when I explained that he was too small but would go to school with her one day, she replied, "We will hold hands."

day 118 - Wednesday - a testing day

The allergy clinic confirmed Angie's allergy to peanut and egg today. I felt very sick all day - stress related I'm sure. So grateful to Ian for looking after me when I returned from work. Getting to sleep was the best cure.

day 117 - tuesday - The Slap

Finished another book this weekend. This one wasn't my favourite style of prose, but the content about modern Australian life was worth the read. I especially loved the point of view of the old Greek man Manolis which was most unexpected! Plus some more realistic views of motherhood.

day 116 monday - mum and dads wedding anniversary

Mum and Dad were married 41 years ago today. Having lunch with Mum and Manda at the cafe formerly known as Rimini. Good excuse to get out of the house today - much needed.

26 April, 2010

day 115 - Sunday - Anzac Day

Keeping busy and watching Daddy march on TV, while talking to Gandy on the phone

Return home

Gandy visits for dinner - pork stir fry

Angus, out of the bath, being changed for bed

New Thomas the Tank Engine PJs

Ready, set...


Time for bottle

day 114 - saturday - proof the boy can draw

Back to swimming today. Nearly forgot. We loved being the only ones in the class today. Daddy had the clever idea of setting up both babies with pencils for drawing before dinner and Angie is starting to scribble. See the wall.

day 113 - Friday - getting changed for bed

She still kicks and makes a bit of a fuss about getting ready for bed

But she's happy to have the cuddles and kisses

22 April, 2010

day 112 - thursday - our backyard

Love our succulents...

we've had this spiky plant since we lived in Norwood in 2003. Grateful for hardy pot plants!

and our old friend the plumbago, our sole source of colour in the garden..

It's been five years since we moved in to our 1950's house. I wanted to show the "before" pics of our large but uninspiring backyard... hoping we'll be able to get started on our new driveway/garage/landscaping sometime this century!

day 111 - wednesday - outside time

While Tassie napped in the afternoon, Angus enjoyed some outside time

he crawled in and out of the baby bath/swimming pool

practised some chalk drawing

and stood up and walked around for a bit

showed off his pretty eyelashes

and walked right off the path into the dirt without any shoes on while I snapped pics of the plumbago. Lucky there weren't any nasty inch ants about.

20 April, 2010

day 110 - tuesday - at home with Angus

It's so lovely to have time at home with Angus while Tassie is at daycare. Quiet.

Angus gets to make up for it!

day 109 - monday - tears for fears here in Adelaide!

We drove Stephi to nan and pa's today for a sleepover. Nan and Pa were very pleased to see Tasmin and Angus again so soon, and the babies were happy to be there!

Before we left, I picked up an injured pigeon on the ground as I was going out to hang washing. I wrapped it in a towel and put it safely on the deck table while we were out. In the afternoon Manda took it to the vet and that evening its owner came to collect it - it was a homing pigeon with a tag on its foot! A bird had evidently attacked it, hence its neck injuries. It didn't cost us anything to take it to the vet either, so you've got nothing to lose by helping.

The night we've (my sister and I) all been waiting for. OMG!!! Tears for Fears here in Adelaide!!!!!

They're even sexier now than in 1985 when I had them pinned up all over my bedroom wall (I'll hunt around for that photo and post it).

And look! A bargain souvenir - signed concert poster only $25 (I bought a signed album cover as well. Couldn't resist).

A pity I wasn't game to take the good camera...

Oh and the main headline act, Spandau Ballet, they were ok. Gold!
P.S. My year 12 students have never heard of either band. Sigh. this is what it feels like to be "old"!

18 April, 2010

day 108 - Sunday - bathtime

We all mooched around in our pj's today. I even slept when Angus did (woops - had a late night watching TV and organising my albums). Ian and Steph went to an ANZAC church service ahead of next Sunday so I amused the babies with bubbles while they sat in the bath. Tassie found my high heels and paraded around the dining room in her nightie.

107 - Saturday - Steph arrives today

We got up early with Steph's flight due in after 7 this morning. I raced around cleaning and tidying the house, hanging her sheets outside to dry while the babies had breakfast and watched Night Garden. I tried to get a pic of Angus in his huge oversized pj's but the shots don't really show how dwarfed and cute he looked. Tassie insisted on being in a photo.

106 - Friday - merry go round

After a busy shopping morning, Tassie talked Gandy into paying for her to ride the merry go round, which was lucky as I didn't have any change left. We suddenly realised Angie was watching eagerly so I took him out of the trolley and popped him onto a horse while it was going round - and I had to hold him so I got a bit dizzy! The photo doens't show it but he was rapt and smiled during the ride.

15 April, 2010

105 - Thursday - back to the playground

Tassie just runs straight over to the play equipment and goes for it. She doesn't need anyone to hold her hand and is very decisive and confident about what she wants.
She likes to go up...

and over and through....

and acrosss....

It's a wonder we stayed as long as we did today. the playground was packed to the rafters with children -oh yes that's right,it's school holidays. We stayed 45 minutes then left and went to our usual little park closer to home. This time it was Angus who cried when it was time to go home for lunch - he'd slept through most of Tasmin's playtime!

We ran into Auntie Manda and Gandy during our quick walk to the shops, which was great fun, and I even got the car and house keys copied for Ian who lost his keys around Easter time. I bought myself a new purse. All round, a pretty good day. Did I mention the sun was shining?


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