03 April, 2010

Day 89 - Tuesday - goodbye Shirl

On the morning of our departure home to Adelaide, I somehow found time to video-interview my auntie about some of her memories of Bairnsdale, hers and Dad's childhood home. I got about seven minutes, before the battery died. Fantastic! She also very kindly let me borrow their Dad's letters to their Mum while he was away during World War II. I took photos on the spot, for good luck, but plan to scan them in properly and transcribe them as well. I'll put them in a drymount album and return them to her in May.

The plane was half an hour early arriving in Adelaide so we waited outside for Ian and the babies to collect us. The babies did seem excited to see me. Angie punched the air and couldn't stop smiling. He clung to my sleeve for the whole trip home.

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