14 April, 2010

Day 103 - Tuesday - the joys of toy library

Today we had another trip to the toy library where I squashed more into the car than could really fit. Angus is always interested in what Tasmin is up to....

And he tells me (with his eyes) look! she's letting me play!
and there they are happily playing alongside each other

And furnishing the little house. Angus was especially interested in the baby, Tasmin the Mummy.
We also picked up a pretty scarf for Nan, which was given to her in the afternoon. Tasmin had listened carefully to me when I'd suggested she present Nan with the gift. She walked straight up and said "Happy Birthday Nan" and handed her the present!
Daddy and Tasmin giggled together after dinner making eskimo and butterfly kisses. She's been cheering him up, while he struggles with a nasty virus.

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