10 April, 2010

Day 99 - Friday - a long day

I couldn't enjoy lunch with my two friends who came for lunch as much as I might have. I was exhausted afer a dismal shopping trip in the morning during which Tas screamed and wailed virtually the whole time. Yes, I did think about abandoning the trolley with its $200+ worth of weekly groceries but there was the pressure of my friends coming and expecting to eat! And the fact we needed to do the shopping for our household needs. The saving grace of the day was my dear Mum who popped in minutes before my friends were due to arrive and calmed Tassie right down. And the girls were terrific with Tassie, playing with her and showing her lots of interest and attention, so she was fine the rest of the day. Putting the kids to bed was the best part of the day!

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