20 April, 2010

day 109 - monday - tears for fears here in Adelaide!

We drove Stephi to nan and pa's today for a sleepover. Nan and Pa were very pleased to see Tasmin and Angus again so soon, and the babies were happy to be there!

Before we left, I picked up an injured pigeon on the ground as I was going out to hang washing. I wrapped it in a towel and put it safely on the deck table while we were out. In the afternoon Manda took it to the vet and that evening its owner came to collect it - it was a homing pigeon with a tag on its foot! A bird had evidently attacked it, hence its neck injuries. It didn't cost us anything to take it to the vet either, so you've got nothing to lose by helping.

The night we've (my sister and I) all been waiting for. OMG!!! Tears for Fears here in Adelaide!!!!!

They're even sexier now than in 1985 when I had them pinned up all over my bedroom wall (I'll hunt around for that photo and post it).

And look! A bargain souvenir - signed concert poster only $25 (I bought a signed album cover as well. Couldn't resist).

A pity I wasn't game to take the good camera...

Oh and the main headline act, Spandau Ballet, they were ok. Gold!
P.S. My year 12 students have never heard of either band. Sigh. this is what it feels like to be "old"!

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