Favourite Apps

You can always download Autism Apps which lists lots and lots of recommended apps from parents.

Here is a list of the apps we use at home and LOVE for Tasmim 4, and Angus, 3 (and I've listed some for parents too). Most of them available free and I generally don't pay more than 99cents or $1.99, unless it is something very special. I'd love to hear what apps you like to use on your Ipad or Iphone!

Brilliant - covers lots of skills
Zoo Train (Busy Bee studios)
ABC for Kids (ABC)...good episodes of the show
ABC ArtMaker (ABC) make movies, do puzzles.

Bob Books #1 (Learing touch)...very accessible and you can start at very easy levels, but you can choose more challenging activites as your child grows
Ocean - Puzzles and Colours  (Develop LABS)
Touch Trainer Lite (Touch Autism)...good for ipad beginners

Virtuoso Piano (Peter Nagy)

Eye contact
Look In My Eyes (FizzBrain) the train one

Social Stories + skills
iDress for Weather (pebro Productions)
AutismXpress (StudioEmotion Pty Ltd)...emotions
Touch and Learn...interactive
Model meGoing Places (Model Me Kids)...short videos modellling social skills

Visual/verbal  supports
Pics Aloud Lite (Allan Burrington)
Talk4Me (Javier Algaba Borrego)
ABA Flash Cards (Kindergarten.com)...several apps like foods, actions

Alphabet tracing (Oncilla Technologies)
ABC Letter Tracing (Critical Matter, Inc)
ABC Magnets (Christopher DeOrio)
AlphaBaby Free (Little Potato Software)
abc PocketPhonics Lite (Apps in My Pocket Ltd)...this is really good

For fun
Sound Shaker (zinc Roe)
ArtRage for iPhone (Ambient Design Ltd)
Wreck this App for iPad (Keri ?)
Doodle Buddy (Pinger, Inc.)
Create A Car (ABCya.com)
Smart Girl's Playhouse Dot to Dot Connect (UFO Interactive Games)
Random Sounds (Thomas Styers)
iBubbleSnap Lite (Thomas Billingsley)

Making photos and Videos
PiciBooth - Fun (Free the Apps)
Sketch Me! (Bluebear Technologies)
Just Dance 3 Autodance

For relaxation
Fireworks Toy (House full of Games)
Spawn Lite (Elements of Design)
Magical Adventures 2 (i-mobilise inc)
I am Love - Kids Yoga (Gramercy Consultants)

Books and Music
Bob the Builder (HiT Entertainment)
The Very Cranky Bear (We Are Wheelbarrow)
May the Best Engine Win (HiT Entertainment)...Thomas the Tank story with narration, puzzles and colouring in. See also Thomas and Toby, Thomas gets a Snowplough, Thomas Gets his own Branch Line
Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue...great interactive narrated story
Angelina Bellerina (Callaway Digital)...nice animation

For Me
Playground Finder (Teacher Learning Network)
Lemon (Lemon Inc) scan your receipts and then chuck em away.
Quotationary (Everyday Apps LLC)...quotes to keep you inspired
Nightstand Central (Thomas Huntington)...includes a torch flashlight for those middle of the night children-wake ups!!
Bump (Bump Technologies)...for sharing cool apps and photos and well almost everything with friends
Australia Post
ABC at the Movies (ABC)...in case I ever get to a cinema again
Eleven TV (Network Ten Pty Ltd)...you can search the TV guide
Audiobooks (Cross Forward Consultants)...listening to Anna Karenina at the moment. Thousands of free classics available. Good for the long drive back from somewhere.
ETSY (Etsy Inc) for buying vintage and handmade stuff for gifts. Online shopping!
PINTEREST (Cold Brew Labs)...best app EVER but I warn you, addictive...
Amazon Mobile...buying books online
Blogger (google)...recording our story
Weight Watchers (WW International)...this is great, though I think you have to be a member

Photo Editing fun for me!
Splice - Video Editing (Path 36, LLC)...yet to try this
i-Modelling ...basic but very quick and easy tool for editing social stories videos of our kids with reward pic at the end
Adobe PhotoshopExpress (Adobe systems)
Yearbook Yourself
WordFoto (bitCycle AB)...for photos
Labelbox (Stepcase)...for photos
Pic Grunger Free (Stephen Spring)...for photos

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