08 April, 2010

Day 98 - the day after

Tassie had a wonderful day at "Little School" as predictably, we knew she would. But. She loved it so much that she refused to come home with me. After I'd forcibly strapped her into the car (I was very patient and gentle and didn't raise my voice but she wouldn't cooperate) she began to wail and cry and scream and this continued all the way home. We put her to bed (she'd skipped her nap) and she slept briefly but continued her tantrum after waking. We remained calm and soothing, and Ian was wonderful, but I cried several times, in the car silently on the way home, and after she went to bed. What a stab in the heart!
Today she was her normal, happy and joyful self and spent hours doing painting and crafts without complaining. I wish I knew what went on in that sweet little head.

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