15 July, 2010

Thursday - books, wattle and (another) first haircut

This is a wonderful book I can't recommend highly enough. It starts off being about a woman's quest to lost weight before she turns 40 but it's really about our attachments and learning to let go. Ian and I have made a decision to let go of an issue that's bothered us for years. Sometimes it's better to let the universe take care of things. Let's see how it pans out.

This is the beautiful wattle you see right outside our front door at the moment.
Now for the drumroll.......here is Tassie's hair in the before shot....... (she was refusing to pose properly for a photo this morning)

And here's the after!

Hoping the curls will soon return.
We've had to give toilet training a rest for a little while. She definitely knows what to do now and I awarded her a little certificate this morning. But a book I'm reading (Beyond Time Out - excellent so far) says it's better not to offer rewards in this area of learning and I'm starting to see why. We're getting lots of misbehaving and power game playing. So we'll try again in a few days and not cave in to pressure from her new Montissori kindy where she is due to start next week.

1 comment:

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

I love the new haircut,did you keep any hair,I kept some of LM and lamiated it to keep-love dee


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