11 September, 2010

Monday - brave trip to Marion

I felt really nervous about taking the two babies out for shopping today, because Tassie is impossible to take shopping much of the time. I really needed to get shoes for Angie since his bare feet in winter have been attracting lots of remarks from people (he kicks shoes and socks off). But today, happily, she was really good company and sat in the pram when I wanted her to with minimal fuss. Seeing her being her sweet happy self really highlights just how crazy the past two weeks have been (quite the opposite - lots of crying, yelling, misbehaving, and generally unbearable behaviour. Plus extra sleeping and eating. It must have been a "growth spurt".

So we came away with a new bag for kindy, lunch boxes, shoes for both children and other little bits and pieces and Tassie got a little ride and a milkshake for her efforts.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

good to hear you had such a happy outing and Tassies real self shone through


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