11 September, 2010

Saturday - preloved toy

Oh dear, so hard to get a good pic of us!

A couple of weeks ago I had to pop into Goodwill to purchase an umbrella for Monti - they've requested parents donate umbrellas to be attached to the ceiling to decrease noise. So I found one for $4.50 but didn't quite have enough cash or coins in my purse to cover it and you need $10 minimum for card payment. So I looked around and saw this toy for $7.50. It's like a mini fishtank with real water and reminded me of Finding Nemo, one of the favourite DVDs at our place.

So last night after the kids went to bed, we put in the new batteries (which cost $9, more than the toy itself) and found it lit up, made bubbles, and played several songs. The thing is, we found the electronic songs a bit creepy and ghoulish, which may or may not have had something to do with the creepy movie about alien abductions we saw last night, The Fourth Kind. The movie was really quite ridiculous, but it was inventive with its split screen scenes and the idea of the psychologist being a victim herself, to try and add credibility to the story. A quick internet search revealed it was all made up of course.

So Ian joked that it's a toy that really channels aliens, and when we play the music, we'll attract aliens to our place and we'll be in trouble. Stupid I know, but we laughed for hours about it. The kids love the toy by the way, and have been playing the music. We're debating whether to keep it...

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