17 September, 2010

Wednesday - Gandy, layouts, Angie and trucks

When Mum arrived today just as Angie had gone down for his nap, I was so thrilled to see her I ran over and gave her a big hug. I was working on lessons for work as usual, but also had reports to get done. The day was going OK but it was great to see her and know she would keep Tassie busy for a little while. She took a minute to check out my latest scrap layouts before heading off for shopping - and I got distracted and forgot the photo. But Angie woke up and grabbed a truck and starting zooming it up and over the chairs, as he does.

Grateful for
1. feeling happy every day this week,
2. enjoying the routine that seems to have gently established itself
3. Fave coming home early to see to the kids while I go to work and teach. Love it.
4. Managing to get four layouts done since Saturday

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