06 March, 2011

Saturday - Papa's table

This is a beautful little table hand crafted and built by my Papa, now passed.

In the days when furniture was lovingly hand crafted, it was the little details like these dove tailed joints that were important. I love this table.

The table was brought outside on to our deck so I could get some images of it while it still looks ok. The kids have already spilled water on it several times, and pulled at the wood that is starting to come off. I make of point of taking a photo of special things now, because nothing lasts forever. And we only have limited space in our house, anyway. For now, though, this loved table stays.

Tasmin likes to jump out her energy.


Wendy said...

I remember that table - did you revarnish it? Tasmins trampoline looks way fun. What a great way to use your energy

Debbie Smith said...

The table hasn't been revarnished but I'm thinking of storing it until after the reno next year so I can have it in the parents retreat where it can't be harmed! The trampoline is great, highly recommended.


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