25 March, 2011

Friday - new playgroup and new TV

Today we went and tried out a new playgroup that was very close to home. It was wonderful, trains and train tracks all around the room, and a large inviting backyard play area. By the end of the session there were three other Mums all with boys. We were 45 minutes late getting there, but it turned out to be a good thing, because I found the primary school nearby and was very very enchanted. The staff were warm and friendly, even another parent there approached me, concerned that I would be able to find the kindy where our playgroup was. This school is not in our immediate area, but it's very small, and is known as a bit alternative and "autistic" friendly, so I'm feeling very attracted!

After a long play in our sandpit after returning home, Angus was happy to catch up on some ABC kids' shows on our new TV. It's not without its frustrations - we haven't been able to get the surround sound to work since the installer left yesterday, and he left the wireless system and two speakers for us to "play with" even though I'd asked him to secure them so Angus wouldn't be able to break them (yes Angus did break our last system!) And sure enough , Angus got his hands on one of the pieces today and threw it. Sigh! Ian's not very happy. I'll keep you posted.

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