15 March, 2011

Tuesday - our life now

Angus has been diagnosed with autism.

We are now working hard to help him learn and develop, and he's already started speech therapy. He's developing rapidly before our eyes which is totally amazing, and each day there is something new. At last, at two and a half, we are seeing progress. Here's my notes from our busy morning:

7.30 – 9.30am
• Angus initiated play chasey with his sister around the room
• Angus sat at the table with Tas to eat breakfast and stayed until he was finished eating
• He helped to put on shoes and socks, then walked down steps to get into the car
• He tried to escape but let me put him in the car and held a toy for the ride
• We got out with his monkey backpack on so I keep hold of him, to drop Tas at kindy care
• We stayed to play on the slide (he can do this himseklf now) and sandpit before going
• Returned home, he went straight for the backyard and waited for me to come and open the gate
• He tried to pick up my watering can full of water but I gave him his own little one which he tipped out
• Got very upset when it was time to go inside
• Recovered quickly with a drink while i did the nappy change (note: need to make visual cues). I hold the cup to my eyes and wait for eye contact before giving him the cup - works really well.

9.30 – 10.30
• Imaginative play - Practised putting the Mummy and the little boy into the purple car (he remembered to use the door from speech therapy only it was too small so he used the open roof)
• Fed the toddler doll and baby doll their bottles, gave them food, put them to sleep, practised ‘open and shut’ with the babies eyes
• Tried putting the big train and a truck around the ikea mat track but he hadn’t caught on

• Reading (helping himself to book from the bookshelf using the chair as a ladder)

11.30 – 2.00
• Lunch - we sat together at the table for lunch. He puts whole quarters of bread in his mouth at once. Have to work on this.
swing - Angus said "Go" with me each time I gave him a big push on the swing
• Angus naptime (time for me to catch up on housework and phonecalls and marking for work)

This Thursday we have scheduled our very first date with our new babysitter. Last week I'd had to cancel because Ian was away for work. Here's hoping!


Anonymous said...

hi Debbie, thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I got the twine ages ago from an etsy shop called Whisker Graphics.

However, they are in the US, and the twine is pretty popular now so you should be able to get in australia from somewhere. If you do a search on etsy for twine under the supplies section it'll bring up dozens of shops, so you may find one in australia there? Good luck :)

Debbie Smith said...

Oh good, I'll give it a go!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh Debbie, I know days like those can be tough, tiring.... you know the rest. But know there are people thinking of you and so glad you have a diagnosis. THere are a lot of people/services out there that do amazing work. Looking forward, even more now, to meeting you in June :) :) :) Hugs and keep looking forwards :)


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