23 March, 2011

Monday - my day

I'm laughing just reading back the jumbled wording on the tag above - I forgot to mention the little movie we made of Tasmin last month was filmed on a camcorder, which happened to be mounted on a tripod. I sometimes wonder if I will ever recover from "baby brain".

Anyway, thanks to my friend Kate who gave me this idea, to do a regular video interview with our children so we can do a "7 up" style documentary over the years (I love that series, starting with a group of British seven year olds, and tracking them every seven years. They're 49 now, can you believe it?) The visual quality of our first video was a little disappointing but the sound excellent. Next year I'll use my digital SLR, which actually films nice quality video. And being digital makes it much much easier to upload. I still have to learn how to "edit" using Premiere Elements. Must get that book back from the library.

I've transcribed the interview which I'll upload later in the week.

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