09 March, 2011

Monday night

I've discovered an effective way to help Angus get to sleep at night. After we put Tassie in bed (she goes to sleep immediately) I take him outside for a little swing. It makes him very sleepy and ready for bed. Normally he races around the loungeroom, tearing up couches, and scuttling over the table, and emptying out the toy boxes. I only thought of the swing when I noticed him drifting off in it right before midday nap time the other day. What ever works!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

What a great solution to help Angus go to sleep. We have a new routine for K which is working a dream - feed, play, bath, top up feed, and three stories read to her in her cot. She had gone to sleep for the second night in a row with no crying - heaven on a stick. Great to hear of Angus progress.


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