28 March, 2011

Saturday outside

This was Angus later on Friday afternoon. I love watching him jumping on this little mini trampoline. He also loves apples. He eats them carefully and deliberately, until only a tiny core is left - usually somewhere under the furniture.

I did a little tidy up of my desk on Saturday and found these sweet little birds outside the window.

We often see them in the trees, nibbling at seeds.

Later in the afternoon Ian took Tassie outside with him so he could tidy up the yard. I stayed inside to work on a scrap layout while Angus napped. When I looked outside the window I caught Tas doing this... A definite escape attempt. She likes the boy across the road, who attends the local kindy, and was desperate to get over the fence to play with him.

She was pretty mad with me when I went out with my camera.

I tried to distract her with this little snail I found on the ground. It worked, except she tried to squash it with her boot. Ian told me later she squashed several with her boots. I felt proud that she is such an outdoorsy girl, but also taken aback at her snail and bug killing tendency. She watches her Dad and copies. Now that's an idea for another layout.

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