23 March, 2011

Wednesday - Early days and engaging with trains

Last night I went to an "Early Days" workshop for parents of children with autism. It was an evening workshop, and after getting chatting to some of the parents afterwards, it was 11pm before I got in the car to come home. It was really worthwhile going along, and the best part was the privilege of meeting some amazing people, all with a child/grandchild - some with two or three - on the autism spectrum. I really hope we'll be able to stay in touch, as I think talking to other parents will be the best possible support we'll be able to access. There's a second workshop next week, so another chance to meet up then.

I was told about Kid Sense, a place here in Adelaide on Unley road, with trained Occupational Therapists, to deal specifically with the "sensory" issues. I'm planning to book in for that, since we're on a waiting list for Occupational Therapy. There's another place called Headstart where they offer ABA (intensive applied behavioural therapy) which is the main thing I'm looking for. Will be looking into that today also. I had planned to follow up the Hanen More than Words program but this doesn't seem to be readily available in Adelaide right now.

If you're a parent of a child on the spectrum, or suspect your child might be, please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

I couldn't resist taking more kids-at-the-breakfast-table shots this morning. Each day this little routine has been progressing. Now, not only did they sit nicely together, but Tasmin seemed to be trying to engage Angus with his trains. I couldn't believe it. Last night, in the ED workshop, we were advised about Floortime techniques, where you follow the child's lead and build communication based on what they want to play (not what you want to teach them). Yet here is Tasmin, doing exactly that, with no prompting from me. Baby steps, baby steps, but lots of hope for a happy sibling relationship developing.

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