23 January, 2010

Summer 2009

T is such an outdoor girl. She loves to be outside at every opportunity, which is fine by me, as i love being outside too. Especially on hot - but not too hot - days. Say, under 35 degrees.

We loved this little cubby house when we first inspected our house to buy - it's so lovely to see our little girl enjoying it too. I relax more about her playing in there since I bought some good strong red-back spider spray to keep the creepy crawlies out. She knows that Mummy doesn't like spiders and seems to feel the same way!

This is my little potted mint plant that has survived almost as long as we've been here. The only new plant, I believe, that has! She loves to pick it and eat some every time she goes past. DH is asking her not to eat too much, in the hope that some will be left! We're too scared to admit to his parents that all the plant clippings they've given us have gone to plant heaven.

This is the swing that Manda, Dad, and Mike bought for A at Gumeracha in October. Dad
was with us in spirit that trip. As you can see from his lovely squishy thighs, it's not easy getting him out again.

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