31 January, 2010

Day 31 street party

I was a bit shy about taking the new camera so i took this quick photo with the old one. We're so lucky to live in a gorgeous cul-de-sac street where the neighbours are so friendly we get together for a street party! This is our second since we moved her five years ago. We know all the neighbours by name now even the new ones who moved here recently. Tasmin had fun with her new pusher and brought Anna with her.

Gandy gave her this doll for Christmas and since buying the little pusher yesterday she has become enamoured. She even hooked the baby change bag over the handle, just like we do! Tas called it Angus but we suggested Anna might be better for a girl baby! I love that she enjoys playing "Mummy" but was just as happy later to run around the street with her new found friend Sascha, getting dirty and climbing up a nearby trailer.

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