02 February, 2010

Day 32 Gandy visits

Monday 1st Feb 2010

It's great when Mum comes to visit, and I only wish she would come more often. I surprised her when she arrived as she didn't notice me standing at the top of the path with my camera.

When she stepped inside Tassie immediately went to hide, waiting for Gandy to find her. She loves the game of counting to five, then 'ready or not'. Mum swears she heard Angus counting to five with her during one game! Manda also came for lunch that day.

We three played trains. Tassie and I would set up the train tracks, then Angus would pull it apart and throw the pieces off the table. I often call him the "wrecker" or "trasher". Ian says, "he's trashing the joint!"

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