14 February, 2010

Day 45 Sunday Valentines Day

Tasmin at the Paper Fair - didn't notice me coming and going at all.

Day 45 - Sunday - Valentine's Day
My sweetheart surprised me with these little cupcakes. The "L" and "O" are missing; they were eaten a day early ;-) We became an item exactly 8 years ago today...so it's also an anniversary!

Day 44 - Saturday - The Bill night in
We love our cozy Saturday night tradition of spaghetti bolognaise, Ian's glass of red wine and The Bill, at 8.30pm.

Day 43 Friday - Church cafe
When Angus saw me get up and turn my back, this is how he reacted. When he saw me turn around and pull out the camera, he was all smiles again. Tasmin is behind me trying to run back inside to the play area.

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