08 February, 2010

Day 37 Ian's birthday party

Saturday 6th Feb 2010
So, i dropped ian and angus off at swimming and tassie and i went on to the cake shop about 15 minutes drive away. Only as I arrived, i realised my purse was at home - in the camera bag i swapped it into the day before. Grrrrr! So, an hour later we got home with the paid-for cake after to-ing and fro-ing all morning, leaving me an hour to get ready for ian's birthday party. His parents, Mum, and Manda all came, staying til about 4pm.

Then after a mountain of dishes I had to go out again, to meet up with my old teacher buddies I hadn't seen in two years. It was a really really fun night, seeing Kate's bachelorette apartment, having dinner in Glenelg, then even going out "clubbing" for a bit to a bar. Now, I was sober all night, while my friends had a bit to drink. Luckily I left at about 11pm. The next day Sunday - wow, I was tired and hurtin'! It must have been the dancing. But I got pictures to prove it!

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