04 February, 2010

Day 34 A blast from the past - DINKs

After a busy day taking Tassie to swimming, and collecting Mum's second sewing machine from manda's (the original machine is unwell again and waiting for Heinz to return from leave to see what's wrong) there was an interesting part two and three to the day. Manda came to babysit so I could leave at 5.30 to start my NEW JOB - tutoring for REM tuition, Year 12 English Communications. It was wonderful to be back at work and I am so excited to be helping a student with year 12.

Then I met Ian in our old stomping ground of Norwood for dinner (Schnitzel and Tandoori chicken) and a movie: The Road. What an amazing evening. The film is right up there with one of the best stories ever told, a must see. I really recommend reading the wonderful book first, as the film relies totally on the novel.

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