31 January, 2010

Day 30 It's Saturday morning, but not as we know it...

DH got home very very late on Friday night after a 40th birthday party. We somehow managed to be up early on Saturday morning, so I could drop him and Angus at swimming for his first ever lesson. Tassie and I went on to do some shopping and OH! we had a lovely time.

I told her we were having an outing, just the girls, no Angus or Daddy. We went to the chemist, developed photos, found some great Scrapbook albums at Spotlight (Grant Archival - very very happy, sturdy cover material, $15 and easy to get refills - rare in Adelaide - think I'll go back for more next week), and went for breakfast and a play at the playground. Well, she had a play while I sipped a latte. It was seriously relaxing. We also bought a pusher for her cabbage patch doll, Hannah (formerly known as Anna).

Oh, I love that the babies are growing up. No one ever says that do they? But I love being able to get out of the house and be NORMAL. Very hard when you have a baby and newborn at home - that was 2009. So glad that year's finished. I love them at this age now. It's going to be a ripper year.

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