06 June, 2011


Today Angie and I had a little trip to Disability SA to meet with an OT there as part of our participation in the Monash program, set up for parents of children with Autism. So far so good. It was interesting to see how well she engaged him, and advised I should work with him at the level he's at. So for example, when he got on the couch next to her, and put his feet up, she played with him, labelling his toes, knees and chin. He liked it and she repeated it several times. This is something I'm learning: wait time and repetition. All good teaching tools in general.

His reward is a little play outside.

I love that he keeps a close eye on me when we're playing outside now, whereas before he didn't notice if someone was there or not. Our work is paying off!

In the afternoon we picked up Gandy and went to visit Tasmin at childcare for a special visitors afternoon tea. Angie got the sandpit all to himself.

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