06 June, 2011

Thursday - who's in my bed?

I woke up to the sound of Angie crying and sounding upset this morning.

I opened the door into the nursery and looked over at Tassie's bed. It was totally empty - no bedding, no toys, no Tasmin.

I look over at Angie's cot - and there is all Tassie's bedding, toys, Tasmin, and squashed over at the end, is poor little Angus, looking invaded.

He was resuced very quickly, no fear. She was warned sternly not to try that again! After Tas went to childcare, I decided to bring out the new library toys to cheer him up - he loved playing with Bob the Builder and his building equipment.

He clearly said "Up" when we hoisted the building materials up into the air.


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