01 June, 2011

Saturday - playtime

The kids and I went along to my friend Anna's for some playtime with her four children. Sounds chaotic but it wasn't. Theirs is a relatively calm, child-friendly house and Angus and Tas were so busy enjoying themselves with their new surroundings that I could just relax and chat with grownups. How good is that!

Anna passed along some good behaviour management tips to try with Tasmin - mainly, the follow-through technique where you ask the child once to do something, and if they won't do it, to physically help the child do it then praise them for doing it. The other thing to try with Tas is to touch her gently while talking to her to see if she listens better. That one is definitely working! We also need to get on to Tasmin's star chart. She covered hers with stickers but luckily we have a reserve one hidden away!

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